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Yoga x vedio

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Yoga x vedio

Melody Moore offers a 50-minute video practice for clarifying your intentions, standing in your power, and seeing things in a new light.

Find joint pain relief with these hand gesturesperfect if you are at a keyboard all day or working with arthritis.

We know, we knowit feels so good!

But here's what you can try instead for optimal back health.

The former NFL athlete has uplifted fans and students with his story.

Now he shares what lights him.

Looking to build physical *and* mental resilience?

Get on your mat.

Build leg strength and mental resilience with this 7-minute exercise from yoga teacher Derrick "DJ" Townsel.

The yoga teacher and former NFL athlete shares a not-so-secret secret, and it's incredibly endearing.

The former NFL athlete opens up on reinventing stereotypes and what he *does* wish for the yoga community.

Yoga Teacher Jordan Smiley shares a 20-minute sequence that helps you get in touch with the wisdom of your body.

You need to try this Boat Pose mini-practice from yoga teacher Rina Jakubowicz.

It will strengthen your "witness" mind.

Learn to recognize the subtle ways you may be causing harm by taking personal inventory and holding yourself accountable.

Use this short, feel-good sequence when your day could use a dose of positivity fast.

Are you living your truthor what everyone else wants you to be?

Get to know the other ways to find your true Self, according to the ancient scriptures of Vedanta, the philosophical foundation of Hinduism.
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