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Groped in bus

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Groped in bus
attack, but questions are now emerging about the only adult present - so why didn't the school bus driver do more?

John Moody, the bus driver, says he did all he could, even though he stopped far short of physically stepping in to protect the victim.

In the video, the victim cries for help as he is mercilessly punched and stomped, reports.

Police say the attackers broke the victim's arm and stole his money.

According to Pinellas County school policy, the driver is not required to intervene, only to call dispatch.

Moody says he was too afraid to step in: "The three boys just jumped on him and started pounding on him and I did all can.

It was like I was in shock.

I was petrified he says in the above video.

Pinellas County leaves it up to the driver, but many counties actually forbid drivers from physically stopping fights.

Gulfport police say Moody won't face charges, but that the 64-year-old who retired just two weeks after the beating could have done more.

John Moody says this was his only problem in 18 years of driving and he doesn't want to be judged or remembered for.

The driver of the bus that crashed on I-95, killing 15 people on its way from a Connecticut casino back to Manhattan, has a criminal record that includes an arrest for driving with a suspended license and possession of three police radio scanners.
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