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Real moms and sons

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Real moms and sons
person who should be an example for you throughout your whole life, be at your wedding, be a good grandmother to your children.

Note, be AT your wedding.

NOT BE THE bride!

If there is something a mother or a step-mother, or even a grandmother should not be doing, it is having a sexual relationship with their child.

Even if the child is a step-child.

Even if that child is an adult.

The following 15 mothers have jumped into the river, broken the last taboo and, in some cases, solidly pursued relationships with their children even with the threat of jail looming over them.

Sure, there is the psychological phenomenon of GSA, or Genetic Sexual Attraction, which can hit an estranged family member with a forceful rush of unwanted sexual feelings upon meeting their relative, but is that a good enough excuse?

And lets not forget that these women are not always targeting adults, but boys as young as 12 who they should be looking after.

So put one hand firmly over your eyes, open your fingers just a tiny bit and peek into this list of mothers behaving very, very badly.

15 Elisabeth Lorentz And Eric Holder.

France, ooh la la, so romantic!

Well I suppose it was for Elisabeth Lorentz and her former stepson Eric Holder, who fell in love after knowing each other for more than 15 years knowing each other because they were step-mother and step-son, that.

It seems that in this case, at least, there are a few factors that make this forbidden romance a little less icky to begin with, Lorentz is only 3 years older than Holder.
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