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the main characters, plus the innocents they were trying to protect, survive.

However, Lirael loses her hand, Nick will have to struggle against the Free Magic still in his blood for the rest of his life, and the Disreputable Dog is dead.

This is one of the Seven we're talking about here.

Wodehouse 's Regger Pepper story, absent Treatment.

Reggie manages to get his best friend and his wife back together, but the wife grossly misinterprets his actions and they become much more distant from Reggie.

He closes by stating that he wants the following to be engraved on his tombstone: "Here was a man who acted from the best motives.

There is one born every minute.".

Adventure Hunters : On the sweet side, the war is over, Ryvas' kingdom gets its land back, and the heroes made it out okay.

On the sour side, Ryvas is sentenced to life imprisonment, Jerrod is unpunished and still wants the land in question (thus the possibility of more conflict) and Regina still possesses the knowledge of golem crafting (thus the possibility someone else will want to capture her).

The Quirk Classics parody novel, android Karenina technically concludes with two endings, both extremely bittersweet.

In the original timeline, Alexei Karenin's attempts to retain his humanity fail, allowing the Face to subsume his personality and cybernetically remake him into Tsar Alexei, the King Without A Face ; Russia is made into a dystopia under.

Toy Soldiers of course; meanwhile, the, honored Guests are secretly ruling everything from behind the scenes, having set the stage for Karenin to take control in the first place.

As with the original novel, Anna commits suicide by throwing herself in front of a train; despairing over her death, Vronsky joins the military on their futile push to the alien homeworld, determined to die fighting the aliens in a suicide mission.

However, Levin and Kitty are still alive, and form an underground resistance movement that will eventually be able to undo everything that Karenin did.

In the new timeline, Android Karenina is successful in using Original!

Anna's suicide as a means of changing the past : Anna and Vronsky never fall in love and thus never screw up Original!

Levin's plans, eventually allowing Anna's programming to take over and assassinate Karenin before the Face ever gets a chance to corrupt him into a dictator.

As a result, the reformed Russian government declares a truce with UnConSciya, and the invasion is averted.

But Karenin's redemption died with him, and Anna has almost certainly gone to jail for his murder.
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