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Stepmom with stepson

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Stepmom with stepson
is attracted.

He lives with his father and me half the time and with his mother the other half.

I've been in his life since he was 9 and his brother was 7, and we're pretty much a blended-family success story.

Everyone gets along, my stepsons are both great kids, and my daughter worships her brothers.

My husband and I love each other and are good partners in working as a team, taking care of the kids, home, work, extended family, etc., though "marital relations" are close to nonexistent, due partly to the usual stress.

The kid I used to know has grown into a charming and attractive young man who looks even older than his age.

He's tall, dark and handsome.

I'm sure I can't be the only stepparent, male or female, who must try to quell feelings of attraction to an attractive teen stepchild.

I mean, we're human.

I wasn't worried about suppressing my own previously fleeting feelings of this nature until recently, when we seem to be catching each other's eyes more, and he seems to be making efforts to be around me more than.

I find myself wanting to do that too, and thinking of him when I shut my eyes at night.

I know I'll never make a move on him.

But I'm kind of trying to prepare myself, both my thinking side and the depraved side that hopes for such a thing to happen, for the time when he may approach me when we are (thankfully rarely) alone.

How will I respond in a way that acknowledges and expresses appreciation for his feelings (and even mine preserves our relationship, and crosses no lines of no return?

This is probably a no-brainer, advice-wise.

I guess I also wouldn't mind some reassurance that I'm not that depraved, and how to reconcile my feelings in a somewhat holistic way.
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